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Bocelli 1831

The Bocelli1831 menu will be available throughout the day with plates for brunch, lunch and dinner. Choose your plates for a quick tasty pit stop where time is at a premium during your working day, or enjoy as you and your table relax for the afternoon & into an evening of wine, cocktails and conversation.

Bocelli 1831 is an accolade to the history and the Italian heritage of the Bocelli Family and the vision which started in 1831 when the Bocelli family began making classic Italian wines on their estate in Tuscany. The Bocelli 1831 wine menu reflects this with single estate prosecco’s, rose cuvee and classic delights like the fior d’arancio, which is an incredible sparkling wine made with the Moscato grape. A classy bar ambiance with the background of music and the best part, interesting cocktails make their home to a world of unusual pairings and extraordinary flavours through our Italian Fusion of food, music, wine and beauty.

Bocelli 1831

359-361 Ecclesall Road
S11 8PF

Phone: 0114 266 3311